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For the first time in history, the internationally-acclaimed Impression series ventured out of China to Melaka, Malaysia. The city was chosen for various significant reasons. The Chief Director of Impression series Wang Chaoge shared:

“Melaka gives us every good reason to take the Impression brand to greater heights on an international level. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, it is a beautiful city with a rich heritage that blends in the wonders of history and wealth of culture. People of all races, religions and backgrounds live together peacefully there. The history of our ancestors’ presence in Melaka and their strong ties with the people there was dated hundreds of years ago yet the Chinese culture is retained and widely practised until today.

There must be a reason why Admiral Zheng stopped by in Melaka five times out of his seven voyages. Looking deep into the history of the city touched my heart deeply. We are completely smitten with the harmony between the people there, and the relationship both nations maintained.”

As Wang related this journey through a song: “A neighbour has called upon our brand, invited our artists to their land, to tell their stories together. Isn’t that the greatest thing ever?”

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