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Premiered in April 2009, Impression Hainan is a show produced by the Impression team following the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. A mixture of different forms of art including dance, drama and song, it brings to the audience the elements of fashion, recreation and romance, and depicts an unusually romantic coconut city through the exhibition of the island’s customs and recreation culture, giving the audience a refreshingly new experience of culture. A big highlight of the show is what the audience experiences when watching it: the fantastic interweaving of time and space, relaxation and delight, fantasy and romance. The show is about the dreamy image of the sea.

The theatre, a semi-enclosed structure built on the west coast of Haikou, covers about 10 hectares of land and has a seating capacity for 1,600 people. Inspired by the sea urchin, a rare sea creature, the structure is China’s first bionic theatre and has become a new landmark for cultural tourism in Haikou. The stand gives the viewer the feeling of being at a sandy beach stretching far, allowing for all romantic imaginations about the sea.

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