RM5.4 billion flagship Impression City is an integrated destination strategically located in Melaka. The 117-acre self-contained landmark will be home to the much anticipated Impression Melaka show – a world-renowned performing art series – along with a multitude of hotels, shopping mall, leisure avenues, residential areas, as well as commercial and educational facilities.

价值马币54 亿的印象城是一座位于马六甲优越地理位置的综合性度假胜地。这块117 英亩的地标将带来万众期待的《 印象馬六甲》演出,即世界著名的大型山水实景秀系列之一, 也同时包含众多酒店、购物中心、各式休闲设施、住宅区, 以及商业和教育设施等。

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