Impression City is an integrated development which will consist of a host of unique architecture and landscape features, making it a ‘must-see’ tourist destination and an ideal home for those seeking the exquisite lifestyle.

  • Impression Melaka theatre
  • DIY crafts and stores
  • International hotels
  • Various branded outlets
  • Shopping haven
  • Corporate towers
  • Retail spaces
  • Unique water features
  • Approx. 750m long water canal

《印象城》为一项综合性文化旅游发展项目。 此项目包含独特的建筑和景观,成为马六甲“必看”的旅游目的地,并成为追求精致生活的理想家园。

  • 《印象马六甲》剧院
  • 体验馆
  • 国际酒店
  • 名牌特价城
  • 购物广场
  • 企业办公大厦
  • 各式商铺
  • 独特水景
  • 约 750m 长的运河

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